प्रकरण ६. लष्करातील सेवा

संधीसूचना :

१. सदर माहिती ही केवळ मार्गदर्शनपर आहे. ह्या माहितीच्या अधिकृततेबाबत बालभारती किंवा
लेखक, संपादक आणि प्रकाशक हेकायदेशीरदृष्ट्या किंवा नैतिकदृष्ट्या जबाबदार राहणार नाहीत.
२. अधिकृत माहितीसाठी ‘रोजगार समाचार’मधील जाहिराती पाहाव्यात.
३. संबंधित संकेत स्थळांना भेट देऊन माहिती AXç`mdV घ्यावी.

Officers in Armed Forces (Entries after X + II)

(Please refer to the UPSC and Armed Services websites and Employment News for schedules and latest parameters.)
1. National Defence Academy (NDA), Pune.
2. Technical Entry for the Army and the Navy.
3. Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC).
4. Armed Forces Medical College entry for Nursing Stream.

Note : All entries (except AFMC and Nursing) have SSB interview procedure.

Entries in Non-Officer Cadre

These are announced by the Directorate of Recruitment for entry as Jawans, Airmen and Naviks. Minimum qualifications are X + II. Some craftsmen are also recruited after X std. There are also technical entries for diploma holders as direct recruitment at Non-Commissioned Officer levels (Naiks and Havildars or equivalent ranks in the Navy and the Air Force).

Websites for Recruitment in the Armed Forces

For Army :
For Navy :
For Air Force :

Websites for Recruitment in Indian Paramilitary Forces

1. Border Security Force (BSF)
2. Central Industrial Security Force (CISF)
3. Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF)
4. Indo Tibetan Border Police (ITBP)
5. Sashastra Seema Bal (SSB)