1.2 Fun and Games with Tara and Friends

  1. Discuss the following questions and then try to answer them in English.

(a) When do you feel … ?

1 happy        2 sad

3 angry        4 scared

(b) What do you do when you feel … ?

1 happy       2 sad

3 angry       4 scared

(c) In order to feel better, what should you do when you are … ?

1 sad          2 angry            3 scared

(d) What can you do to make others happy or to make others feel better?

  1. Good handwriting : Observe the letters on the board carefully. Write the small and capital letters in proper proportion.
  2. Find the right words : Complete and practise each of the conversations given below.
  3. Any number of things! : Form pairs or groups. One person says any number from one to ten thousand. Others name suitable objects or things for the number.
  4. One word to fit them all : Choose at least 3 words from the box and think of something that fits them all. Write down the meaningful phrase you have made.
  5. Five beginnings but one end : Form groups of 5-7. Choose one of the following phrases as the end. Enact the phrase. Then use it to frame different sentences. Enact the sentences. Write down any five of them.
  6. You are out if you say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ ! Form a circle. Ask a question to the person next to you. If he/she answers it with ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, they are ‘out’. Otherwise, they continue the game by asking a different question to the next person. You must not repeat the questions.
  7. All sorts of lists !

(a) Choose any one of the following topics to make a list. Try to list as many items as possible within two minutes.

(b) Now, put the words in your list in alphabetical order.

(c) Compare your lists. Try to describe the items in your list – mention their shape, size, colour, number, etc. and write meaningful phrases.

  1. Complete the sentences in the yellow track using phrases from the green field.