1.3 Basketful of Moonlight

O moon,

give me moonlight,

 basketful or two baskets full,

 with seeds of moonlight.

 From the city to my village,

 on the sides of the path

 I want to sow many,

 small, small moons of light.

 The whole village goes to the city

 daily to work.

 It becomes dark on its way back

 as my village is quite far.

 The route is tough and full of

 snakes and scorpions.

 Neither bus nor cart plies.

 When my father returns home

 I am asleep.

 And he goes back early in the morning

 while I am sleeping.

 O moon

 give me a basketful of moonlight

 on loan.

 I want to light the dark route

so that my father returns early.

 I too want to hear fairy tales

 and stories from him.

 O moon,

 give me a basketful of moonlight.

 I want to sow seeds of moon

 on the sides of the path.

 – Sunil Sharma (Translated from Dogri)