1.4 A Letter from Hingoli

My Dear Sanjumama,

9 June 2015

 I have reached Hingoli. How wonderful were the days we spent at Sagroli ! Unforgettable moments ! This summer vacation has added so many colourful memories to my life. Sanjumama, I really miss Sagroli.

At Sagroli, I enjoyed swimming in the Manjara river, playing with Tejas and Avadhoot on its banks and going on long walks through the Balaghat hills. Riding a buffalo on the way back home, I felt like the King of Sagroli.

That lunch ! Wow ! Aamras with kurdai, papdya and kanda bhaji. Meeramami is a great cook – a master chef ! Ajji’s shrikhanda wadi is incomparable. How I enjoyed reading the bound volumes of Kishor, Champak and Kumar in Kaka-ajoba’s library ! I am looking forward to my visit to Sagroli next year.

Give my regards to Ajji, Ajoba, Rajumama, Shailamami, Meeramami and love and best wishes to Tejas and Avadhoot.

Yours lovingly, Raman

P.S. – I am sending two postal stamps for Tejas and a match-box cover for Avadhoot for their collections.