1.5 Nu-jo’s Project

  1. Here are some figures from Nu-jo’s project. But sadly, he has made some mistakes in drawing and labelling them. Help him correct his mistakes.
  2. Nu-jo is revising his project on body parts, using the Q & A (question and answer) method. Read the following and add more questions and answers on the same topic.

1 Do birds have wings? Yes, they do.
2 Does a lion have a trunk? No, it doesn’t.
3 Do elephants have ears? Yes. Big ears.
4 Does a buffalo have tusks? No, it doesn’t have tusks but it has horns.
5 Does a fish have ears? No. it doesn’t.

1 Can a bull move its head? Yes, it can.
2 Can a bull move its horn? No, it can’t.
3 Can a bull stand on its hind legs? I don’t know.
4 Can lions fly? No, they can’t.
5 Can Akshay write with his right hand? Yes. he can.
6 Can Akshay write with his left hand? No, he can’t.

  1. Read what Tara and her friends are saying.
  2. Put the following words in alphabetical order.
    (1) forehead, eyelid, eyebrow, eyelash, elbow
    (2) cheek, chin, chest, waist, wrist
    (3) face, heel, hand, knee, arm, ankle
    (4) tusk, tail, trunk, stomach, back
    (5) horn, hoof, jaw, hind, front
    (6) whiskers, mane, paw, nose
  3. Draw a picture of any bird or animal of your choice. Label it. Find one more word to describe each body part you label. Examples : long whiskers, white feathers, etc. Now describe your bird or animal in 3-5 sentences.