2.1 Comparisons

Fast as a spaceship,

 slow as a snail,

 Big as a dinosaur,

 small as a nail,

 Fierce as a tiger,

 gentle as a lamb.

 Sour as a lemon,

 sweet as jam.

 Dry as the desert,

 wet as the sea.

 Square as a house,

 round as a pea.

 Cool as a cave,

warm as toast,

 Noisy as a road drill,

 quiet as a ghost.

Strong as an ox,

 weak as kitten.

 Hard as a rock,

soft as a mitten.

Dark as a tunnel,

 light as the moon,

 Night time midnight,

 day time noon.

 Tall as a giant,

 short as an elf.

 Crooked as a mountain path,

 straight as a shelf…

The world is full of opposites,

 so think of some yourself !