2.2 The Lion, the Man and the Statue

Long ago, men and animals could talk to each other. Once a man and a lion got talking. The lion was very proud of his strength. ‘‘I am the king of beasts. I am stronger than any man. That is why men fear me.’’

The man was also proud of his intelligence. ‘‘Don’t forget that men are more intelligent than you are. That is why they can hunt you or capture you.’’

They both began to argue about who was greater. At last, the man took the lion to a statue in a big garden. It showed the great hero Hercules standing proudly with a dead lion at his feet.

‘‘See, this statue proves that men are greater,’’ claimed the man. ‘‘Not at all!’’ the lion replied quickly. ‘‘This only shows that the statue was made by a man. If lions made statues, they would show the lion standing and the man lying dead under his paws.’’

 From this story, we can see that the story depends on the storyteller. When someone else tells the same story they tell it from their point of view.