2.7 Ad‘wise’ Customers

You must have seen ‘ads’, that is, advertisements on TV and in many other places. Advertisements are given by owners of different companies to tell people about their products. Their aim is to make people buy those products. Advertisements are designed in such a way that people are impressed when

they see them. They feel like buying the product – that is what the owners want! But is the advice in the ads always good for you ? You must think about it carefully. You must act like a wise customer, and decide what to buy, how much to buy and what not to buy!

My Teacher says :

We see many types of chips, wafers and other snacks in the market. We get them in attractive packets or pouches. These snacks are usually fried foods that contain a lot of salt and spices. They are good to taste – but not so good for your health if you eat them all the time. Growing children need a balanced and nourishing diet that includes different types of cereals, pulses, fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, milk, etc.

My Teacher says :

Who says black is not beautiful ? The colour of your skin has nothing to do with your beauty. It’s more important to be healthy, neat and tidy if you want people to like your looks. You should eat well, exercise well, sleep well and drink enough water to get a healthy, glowing skin. Never feel bad about the colour of your skin or your natural looks. Be careful when you try fairness creams. They may have side effects.