Few hints and the flags of two countries are given below. Using them, identify these two countries. You can easily identify one of them and hope you can easily identify the other too.


  • The second largest populated country in the world
  • Famous for spices in the worldz
  • Cricket is a popular sport here


  • Famous for Samba dancez
  • Known as the ‘coffee pot’ of the worldz
  • Football is a very popular sport here-

Name of the Country :

Republic of India Name of the Capital : New Delhi Location, extent, and boundaries

With the help of figure 2.1, find the extent of the mainland India. Fill in the degree values in degrees in blank spaces – ……° 4′ N to ……° 6′ N latitudes and between ……° 7′ E to ……° 25′ E longitudes.

Indira Point is the southernmost tip of India. It is located on 6°45′ N parallel.

Observe figure 2.1. Identify the countries and water bodies around India and complete the table in your notebook.

Name of the Capital : Brasilia

Location, extent and boundaries :

Some part of Brazil lies in the northern hemisphere while most of it lies in the southern hemisphere. Also, it lies in the western hemisphere in the northern part of the South American continent.

With the help of figure 2.2, find the extent of the mainland Brazil. Fill in the degree values in blank spaces- ….° 15′ N to ….° 45′ S latitudes and between to ….° 47′ W to ….° 48′ W longitudes.

Observe figure 2.2. Identify Brazil’s neighbouring countries and oceans. Fill in the chart given below in your notebook.

Historical Background: India

India was under the British rule for almost one-and-a-half century. India got its independence in the year 1947. Despite facing several problems like three wars, famine situations in various parts and similar issues after independence, India is a major developing country of the world. India is considered to be a global market too. Because of various economic reforms from time-to-time, India’s economic development has paced up.

The proportion of youth in India’s population is high. As this forms a major part of a working population , India is looked upon as a young country.

Historical Background : Brazil

For more than three centuries, Brazil was under Portuguese rule. Brazil gained its independence in 1822. From 1930 to 1985, for more than a half century, it was under a populist military government.

It has overcome global financial difficulties in the late 20th century. Brazil is seen as a contributor to economic growth of the world and an important market in the future.

Show the following elements in Fig 2.3.

  • Name all the continents and oceans of the world.
  • Colour Brazil and India using different colours and name them.
  • Draw equator on the map and write its value in degrees.
  • Show the symbol for direction.