35.Science Fun-fair


I am going to show you how this balloon sticks to the wall without glue.See, first I rub it on my head. Then I stick it to the wall.
Isn’t it fun to watch?
There is no trick in this. This happens due to electricity.


I want to show you a simple musical instrument.
These are all glass bowls. Each bowl has some water in it.
This bowl is full of water.
This last bowl has very little water in it. Each bowl has more water than the bowl
on the left. Now I’ll tap each bowl gently with this spoon.
Did you hear that? What a musical sound! Do you want to try it?
Please be careful. Thank you!

Good morning!

I’m going to present an experiment. You will love to watch this.
This bottle holds vinegar.
This balloon holds baking soda.
Now I will fit the balloon on the mouth of the bottle, like this.
Now I will lift the balloon.
Then the soda will fall in the bottle. and then…… just watch!
The balloon blows up!
When you mix soda and vinegar, a gas known as carbon dioxide forms.
The balloon blows up because of the gas. Thank you for watching my experiment.

I am going to show you something that looks like magic. But it’s not magic. It is science.
This is a magnet.It attracts towards itself,
everything that is made of iron. Just watch.
It draws the clips through air. I’ll put the clips in a glass bowl. It draws the clips through glass. I’ll pour some water in the bowl.
It draws the clips through water and through glass.
Do you want to try it?
Try it with paper.
Thank you.