4.1 Double Standards

When I wake up late,
I’m getting very lazy.
When you wake up late,
it’s the alarm that’s crazy.

When I say ‘No’ to something,
I’m being stubborn.
When you say ‘No’ to something,
you are being firm.

When I raise my voice,
it is shocking and rude.
When you raise your voice,
you’re teaching me to be good.

When I break something,
I am clumsy or careless.
When you break something,
it slipped; you were helpless.

When I do something wrong,
I am such a terror
When you do something wrong,
it’s a forgivable error.

When I quarrel with a friend,
I am wild and naughty.
When you quarrel with a neighbour,
you’re only doing your duty.

So, I am always wrong
and you are always right.
Oh, why do people grow up
and spoil a child’s delight ?