4.4 Fantastic Shops

24 carrots

‘Hi ! I am Saras the Sasa ! I set up the shop because I love carrots !

 I just can’t do without carrots. Welcome to my shop – 24 Carrots ! We have 24 mouth[1]watering, delicious, nutritious carrot-based foods – loaded with vitamin A, B and C.

My dearest wish is to make the whole world eat carrots. Have you ever seen a rabbit wearing glasses? No !

That’s because we eat carrots and greens – in my case, more carrots than greens !’

Jamie Jellyfish’s Underwater Marine Curio shop

‘I am Jamie Jellyfish. I live right at the bottom of this coral reef.

My house is just behind my shop. Or, you could say my shop is at the front of my house. And both are very very beautiful.

 Can you see around you? Just look at the beautiful corals, the colourful sea-weeds and shells.

 Most of the deep-sea fish come to me for curios to decorate their homes, jewels for themselves and toys for their children. Come inside and take a look.’

Hello. I’m Guna-aji.

Do you know how old I am?

 No, I better not tell you. You won’t believe me.

Enough to say I’ve seen your great[1]great-great-grandfather when he was a small kid. I love children and I know what they dream of. That’s why I opened the shop

exclusively for children. I make your dreams come true.

But my charges are steep. Your word of honour is what I need. Take whatever you like but make a promise.

And remember, if you break your promise, my goods will come back to me!