45.Dice for your Game

You have studied ‘nets’ in mathematics.
Copy this ‘cube net’ on a cardsheet.Cut out the net along with the flaps. Fold the flaps inside and make a cube.Unfold.Cut out one more net in the same way. Now write the following words on the net, one word in each square.

Net 1 :

green pink blue yellow violet orange

Net 2 :

square circle diamond oval kite rectangle

Now put some glue on the flaps of one net and stick them on to the sides to make a cube.

Let the glue dry.

Repeat the process to make the other cube.

Your dice are ready!

How to play: Now make groups of 5-8 and play the game given on the back cover of this book.
Use the ‘board’ given on the back cover.A player throws the dice.
See the words on the top sides of the dice, for example, ‘green’ and ‘square’.

The player has to read the action given in the green square and perform it in 1 minute.

Then, he/she gets 1 mark.

The star means you get 1 mark without doing anything.

The player with the highest marks is the winner!

Now go ahead and play!

Wish you all the best!