46.All about Money

We all need money to buy things and to pay people who work for us.
But what is ‘money’ ?
Who invented ‘money’?
Today, we see money in the form of coins and notes.

These are the coins and notes we use in India. But different countries use different coins and notes.
Their money is known by different names.

In the United States, they use
($) dollars.
In England, they use pounds.
But long, long ago, people did not use coins and notes. They exchanged one thing for another. This was known as ‘barter’.
It may seem unbelievable, but long ago people even used special stones as money! Imagine how difficult it must have been to carry this money!
People also used bricks of salt, shells and cowries as money in the past.
They gave grain, farm produce, cattle, goats, chickens, etc. in return for things like clothes, tools and implements or as wages.
Then they began to use bits of precious metals like gold, silver and copper as money. It was easier to carry this money around.

Paper money was first used in China about 1000 years ago.
Paper money or notes have no value of their own, but a note is a ‘promise’ to give that much money.
These notes are printed by the government
No one else is allowed to print notes.

You must use your money carefully
You should not write on the notes or tear or crumple the notes, or damage them in any way.
You should also be careful when you spend money. People have to work hard to earn money!