49.He Knows the Workman

At the time of King Ashoka, a new temple was being built in the capital city All the people in the capital helped to build the temple. They tried their best to make it strong and beautiful.

Rich people gave their money. Workmen put in their best work. Others helped to prepare the stones, and cut the timber. Everyone helped to build the great temple.

One day, an old man came to offer his help. He was Jaikishan, the stone carver. He carved beautiful figures and designs in stone. Now he was old, and his hands shook a little. Yet, he was a good workman. He took great care with his work.

Jaikishan was told to carve the figure of a devadoota in a corner. This corner of the temple was nearly always dark. Here, no one would ever see the devadoota very clearly. People would only see the face of the devadoota clearly.

Jaikishan made a devadoota with a beautiful face. “But this is not enough,” he said. He went on carving. He carved the entire devadoota carefully. He carved very well. The garments of the devadoota were carved in stone, but they looked thin and soft.

One day a man came to that corner. He saw Jaikishan carving the devadoota. He saw how beautiful the carving looked. He saw how carefully and lovingly Jaikishan worked. The man smiled. He asked Jaikishan, “Why do you take such trouble with the garments? No one will see your work in this dark corner. No one will know who did it.”

“That may be,” said old Jaikishan, “But God can see my work even in this dark corner and he knows the workman, too.”